Under Floor Heating Northern Ireland




Under Floor Heating Northern Ireland

In Northern Ireland as in the rest of the United Kingdom and Ireland under floor heating is quickly becoming the favourite method of heating in new and existing homes, schools, offices, care homes and health centres.

Under floor heating is the most aesthetic system possible leaving complete freedom for interior design in your home, one of the benefits of under floor heating is that it complete eliminations radiators in homes, businesses and health care establishments.

Under floor heating gives value for your investment in many ways :-

  • In houses and apartments you maximise the use of the floor area which you have invested a lot of money in.

  • In offices you have use of total floor and wall area and your staff all enjoy the same comfort.

  • In retail outlets it makes more sense to use your wall space to display items that you are selling rather than taking up space with radiators.

  • In care homes and schools, etc. as well having no hot surfaces for occupants to burn their hands or bang their heads off, under floor heating is more hygienic and less work for your cleaning staff, clean the floor and you have cleaned the heat emitter as well!

  • Save money on redecorating as walls and ceilings stay cleaner for longer.

Free Underfloor Heating QuoteAs well as these great benefits, under floor heating is cheaper to run as it heats from the floor up rather than from the ceiling down as with a radiator or forced air system. With under floor heating you can achieve a comfort level at a lower temperature than with a radiator system with the obvious saving in running costs.

At Total Floor Heating our staff have many years experience in the industry and are totally committed to providing you with excellent products and service at the best possible prices. To this end we can serve you in the following ways :-

  • Our online store offers very good value for money and easy buying terms and customers are not penalised for using their credit cards and orders over £100 are delivered free of charge.

  • Our trade area offers excellent discount and bulk offers to bono fide trade customers.

  • We offer Bespoke fully designed systems using our wealth of experience and modern design equipment. On receipt of a plan and instructions you will receive a free quotation which includes CAD tubing layout and complete integration with controls and the boiler or renewable energy source of your choice. Full schematics can be supplied along with a help line should you need it.

    This service is available to end users and trade customers.

We can provide a fully designed and installed system, installation is carried out by our fully trained team of installers and this service is offered to end users and trade customers. Indeed our biggest customers for this service include large building services contractors.

If you would like an Underfloor Heating Quotation Please send us your Job details to the following email or postal address or Fax, or give us a call: